Press Releases

Press Releases

2013 / Dec / 18
M2 Co., Ltd.

The “SEGA 3D Classics” Series Continues

M2 Co.,Ltd., in technical cooperation with SEGA, are proud to announce the development of phase two of the “SEGA 3D Classics” series for the handheld Nintendo 3DS system. In this series, we present famous SEGA titles from the 80s reborn as 3D software. The masterpiece arcade shooting game “3D After Burner II” has been released in Japan as the first title in this second phase.

After Burner II was developed and released by SEGA in 1987. Following the in the footsteps of games like Super Hang On and Space Harrier, After Burner II’s unique arcade cabinet made it part ride, and part game. Players could climb inside and go for the ride of their lives. Back then, the giant cabinets of SEGA’s ride-like games really stood out from the crowd in the arcades. As the cabinets slowly got even larger and more extravagant, at long last After Burner II completely immersed the player on all sides, and even moved fiercely. Players were literally shaken by the experience. With well paced sound, graphics that overflowed with a sense of speed, and refreshing lock on ”shoot-em-up” game elements, it’s easy to see why this game was so popular. Even now, many consider it the greatest masterpiece from SEGA’s collection of ride-like games.

At one time, the arcades were like the promised land to gamers. By utilizing overwhelmingly high spec hardware that was out of reach for home consoles, the experience of the advanced graphics and sound was luxurious beyond belief. The unique combination of bustling sounds from rows of cabinets lined up next to each other… the welling excitement and heat… all of it could only be experienced firsthand in the arcades. Even with the most meticulously reproduced PC or console ports, as fun as they were to play, something was missing. Maybe this wasn’t just because of the difference in specs, but because of players longing for the unique atmosphere of the arcades.

In the first phase of the SEGA 3D Classics series, with 3D Space Harrier we aimed for the ambitious goal of recreating the feeling of being in an arcade. What we came up with was recreating not only the game, but also the ride-like experience of the cabinet itself on the Nintendo 3DS with its “Moving Cabinet Mode.”

Thanks to our goal of recreating the arcade experience, Space Harrier 3D was praised at least as highly as the original by both players who had previously ridden inside of SEGA’s giant cabinets, as well as new players who had never experienced it firsthand. As a result of everyone’s enthusiastic praise, the SEGA 3D Classics line was able to continue onto its second phase. Going along with our company motto of “Connect the past and present of gaming”, we’re proud to have another opportunity to be involved with the challenge of working on a piece of gaming history.

We’ve taken the “Moving Cabinet Mode” feature that was so well received previously, and made it even more elaborate and detailed. After Burner II had several different kinds of cabinets in the arcades. We’ve recreated the “Double Cradle” type, “Commander” type, and 2 kinds of upright cabinets in 3D, with all of their respective behaviors and movements reproduced in this luxurious mode.

There’s nothing that could make us happier than helping gamers relive the excitement of back when they clutched coins in one hand as they entered the arcade, or to have new players get even a small taste of this unforgettable atmosphere.

At M2, we’re continuously refining our techniques so we can act as a bridge between the past and the future to prevent history from fading.