Press Releases

Press Releases

2013 / Aug / 20
M2 Co., Ltd.

“E-mote Lite” Version 2.0 Update and Trial Version Release Announced

M2 Co., Ltd.’s “E-mote Lite”, which makes 2D illustrations overflow with an eye-popping “Super 3D Look”, has announced a version upgrade, plus the release of a new trial edition. *

“E-Mote Lite” is the simple version of “Emotional Motion Technology” (aka “E-mote”). With its recent update we’ve increased its speed, added a timeline editor, keyboard shortcut editing, plus more features and tweaks that make it easier to use than ever before, giving the designer the ability to edit an abundance of facial expressions with ease.

タイムライン編集機能.jpg(275064 byte) カタログ編集機能.jpg(169847 byte)

Main Features:

1. Increase in Speed
With our new template format, driver playback is at least 40% faster than it was with the previous motion files.
2. Parameter Catalog
With different parameters, you can make a wide range of poses and movements. Each parameter combination can be made into a thumbnail, and then can be called up with one click from within the motion file’s internal catalog.
3. Timeline Edit / Export Feature
With the new timeline editor, you can edit and save motions and gestures, as well as phase
from one motion to the next.
4. WAV Capture Function
By capturing the data from a WAV file, the flaps of the mouth can automatically be set with this new batch feature.
5.Keyboard Shortcut Editor
With the ability to edit using only the keyboard, and to configure your shortcuts to your own liking, you can greatly increase your efficiency per character.
6. Super High-res Template Output Feature
You can now output your templates at twice the resolution. This means you can fine tune your illustration’s details at an even finer level.
7. Mirror Template Editor
The templates can now be mirrored, giving you the ability to flip the character left and right.
8. Additional Parts Selection Chart
You can now select the additional parts through a chart, making it more intuitive to use.

We promise that our “E-mote” technology adds even more value than ever before to our clients’ creations.

* For the trial of E-mote Lite, please see the purchase page and send an e-mail requesting a trial.
(Companies or individuals who have used the trial of the previous version may still request to try the new version.)


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