Press Releases

Press Releases

2013 / Mar / 20
M2 Co., Ltd.


ABIKO, JAPAN – March 23rd – 
Master the path of the ahoge, with just your finger! 

Hard boiled battles collide with silly moe cuteness in this unexpected comedy-action game now available in the App Store: 
View the trailer, character profiles, and more at ! 

As all serious otaku these days know, “ahoge” refers to the little sprig of hair often seen popping up from an anime character’s scalp. Now, you can wield an ahoge in battle for a hair raising game like no other! 
Wacky yet cute enemies appear one after another… Knock em out with your ahoge before things get hairy! 
Use the simple controls to attack and defend at will in these ahoge battles where the loser loses… their hair! 

Developer M2 is no stranger to the game industry, with previous releases being on various home consoles. True gamers will be able to appreciate the experience of staff members like Director Manabu Namiki (Game music experience includes Battle Garegga, DeathSmiles, Black Rock Shooter THE GAME, DoDonPachi Sai-Dai-Ou-Jou, KOKUGA, and more), character designer and animator Harukaze Namikai (Best known for his work on Ragnarok Battle Offline), and music composer Jaelyn Nisperos (The Familiar of Zero Fantasy Force 2nd Impact, SEGA Vintage Collection: Theme Songs, KOKUGA OST Remix track, and more). 

Game music fans have a special treat to look forward to: Ahoge Chanabra’s soundtrack will be available for download via Bandcamp! Using their pay as you like system, you can download free, or send a little something to the creators if you’re feeling generous. In addition to the all the game’s BGM, a bonus remix track will also be released. It’s set for release on the evening of March 26th (Japan time), so take a listen at


  • Simple controls: use just one finger!
  • Brandish your ahoge in exhilarating action packed battles!
  • Cute characters with lively and smooth animation
  • Pluck or be plucked… Defeat formidable opponents, and ahoGET their ahoge!
  • Funny, cute, and weird cast of memorable characters
  • A humorous mash up of otaku culture with Japanese chanbara style samurai cinema
  • Over 50 varieties of wacky ahoge to collect
  • Fun, poppy sound and music is easy on the ears
  • If you’re about to topple midway in your journey…. just use a handy item!
  • Unlockable achievements for all the completists out there!
  • Show your friends who’s boss via Game Center!
  • Tweet your favorite ahoge to your Twitter account!
  • Beat extra challenges to unlock cute new costumes!
  • What fate awaits after these hot blooded ahoge battles…?
  • Download now and get that finger moving to find out!

Product Specifications:


Japanese game company M2 is probably best known for their lovingly ported retro game releases, as well as their “ReBirth” game series which consists of original sequels to popular classic games. Despite their long history in game industry, only now has M2 ventured into releasing their first completely original title not based on any established franchise. They have also recently gained attention with their 2D character animation tool, E-mote.

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