Press Releases

Press Releases

2013 / Jan / 17
M2 Co., Ltd.

M2 Presents “Spelunker Collection”

M2 Co.,Ltd., with the technical collaboration of Tozai games, simultaneously presents 4 generations of Spelunker games for Sony Computer Entertainment’s PlayStation 3 console.

Spelunker: Original Version

Released in 1983 and now celebrating its 30th anniversary, the original home computer version of Spelunker was where it all began. Defeat ghosts, use bombs to destroy rocks, and ride elevators and rail cars to get keys, all while exploring deeper and deeper into the mysterious cave. Almost all of the elements which make Spelunker so memorable were included right from the very first release. From the tip tap of his steps on the ground to the thunderous vibrations of the waterfalls, Spelunker was the first game to capture the tense and adventurous atmosphere of being deep within a gigantic cave.

Spelunker: Console Version

Thanks to the success of the console version in Japan, the Spelunker series main character and his trademark red helmet have gone on to be legendary to Japanese players. The high level of difficulty in this game stimulated players’ minds and tested their resolve. When jumping from a cliff or rope, you must ever so carefully operate the buttons to avoid falling, working attentively to explore lower and deeper. As the difficulty and tension increases gradually, so does the joy of the moment of reaching treasure, which is truly unforgettable to so many players.

“Spelunker” Arcade Version
“Spelunker II: The 23 Keys” Arcade Version

Next the series moved from homes to the arcades. The arcade versions are unique in that the player is stronger, so even if he falls from a high place, he’ll still survive. This makes it easier to grapple with the puzzle solving elements, such as discovering disappearing walls and uncovering hidden ropes. The large boss-like characters are another unique trait. Most of all, the jolly old man with a red nose is a beloved character who’s funny actions fit right in with the arcade games’ atmosphere.

Back when these games were released, technical restraints made save features rare, so the majority of games were designed to be completed in one play through. After playing the difficult parts again and again, and repeatedly facing the frustration of getting a game over, many people probably posed victoriously and shouted for joy when they made progress. By trying relentlessly to master the game and never giving up on grasping each pattern one by one, many players probably also learned the importance of persistence and hard work through classic video games. Renowned as the weakest game hero, Spelunker is the epitome of punishingly difficult games from that time period.

It goes without saying that in “Spelunker Collection” we’ve collected all of the excitement of the original Spelunker series exactly how it was back then. In addition, to give you new ways to play the console version to death, we’ve added two new challenge modes: “Sudden Death Spelunker” in which you gather as many points as possible without making a single mistake, and “Fastest One Lap Clear” where you’re invincible and compete for the fastest speed. We’ve also added an online ranking system complete with replays, and you can check out the series’ original print items and documentation preserved in the “Ancient Historic Documents Gallery Exhibit.” The screen settings can even recreate the look of a CRT screen, topping off a fulfilling set of options.

We present to you this nostalgic game that taught us so much and helped us mature, as gamers and as people. In order to bring you new emotional experiences in addition to reviving old memories, here at M2 we’re always striving to develop our techniques as far as we can.

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