Press Releases

Press Releases

2012 / Dec / 15
M2 Co., Ltd.

License Distribution Opens for M2’s “Super 3D Look” Technology “E-mote”

Licenses are now available for M2 Co.,Ltd.’s E-mote, known for its “Super 3D Look” which dynamically animates 2D illustrations so they appear full of depth.

“E-mote” is short for “Emotional Motion Technology”, which is used to animate 2D graphics in a way that gives them the freedom of 3D graphics for use in a wide variety of platforms like video game consoles, PCs, smartphones, and more. Using E-mote, the illustrator’s original artwork can retain its artistic touches and style, all while dynamically animating facial expressions, eye movements, and even body motions. Just as its name implies, you can give your characters a high degree of emotional expression.

In Japan and around the world, both professionals who make a living from art and amateurs who draw for fun are always perfecting their own unique art styles. The worldwide art community is as vast as it is varied. We want to support this creative environment by adding an even greater value to these stylized images and granting them the freedom to move while staying true to the illustrator’s original artwork.

Main Features:

1. Illustrations Come To Life
Even highly abstracted or detailed illustrations can retain the illustrator’s individual touches when being animated using E-mote. With our “Super 3D Look” you can have all the charm of a stylized 2D illustration, plus the freedom of 3D-style animation.
2. High Interactivity
E-mote doesn’t just create movie data that performs a set sequence of movements. Its system creates dynamic animation based on parameters that you set within the program which can flow together freely and be combined as you see fit. This way, it’s possible to have interactive animations that react to players’ actions.
3. Multi-Platform
Various drivers for different environments are available for E-mote. The same character data can easily be used on console games, PCs, smart phones, and other various platforms.
4. Flexible Payment Plans
“E-mote Lite” allows you to use one of our pre-made templates to easily and quickly make your own character animations. With “E-mote Full”, you can opt to have one of our skilled staff create the data for you from scratch. We can consider your goals and find the right payment plan for your company.

At M2, we’re confident our E-mote technology will add more value than ever before to your creations.

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