Corporate Profile

Our Philosophy

“Fun Above All Else”

As we try to understand “What is fun?” in video games, we aim to consistently offer the essence of “fun” in this ever changing world, and enrich players’ lives through the form of entertainment.

Business Outline

  • Development and planning of console / PC / portable game software
  • Development and licensing of libraries and tools for developing game software

Company Overview

Company Name M2 Co.,Ltd.
Established August 8th, 1991
Capital Stock 3,480,000 yen
Number of employees 51 Associates
Location 2nd/3rd Floor, 2-9-2 Tennodai, Abiko City, Chiba 270-1143 Japan
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August 1991
Established. Began activity in Aoyamadai, Abiko, Chiba.
September 1993
Gathered a bunch of friends who used to play Gauntlet together at the arcades and ported it to PC (X68000) for fun. Presented it to TENGEN/ATARI GAMES, who then sold it for the MegaDrive title after some back and forth.
September 1998
Began gathering employees and working as a full fledged company.
Performed all technical development for “Doki Doki Poyacchio” which was published by KING RECORD.
October 2005
Developed “SEGA AGES 2500 Vol.20 Space Harrier II ‘Space Harrier Complete Collection'” which was published by SEGA.
Continued to work on this series, recieving much acclaim and solidifying M2’s reputation of high quality retro game ports.
December 2006
Developed and released the Wii Virtual Console MegaDrive/Genesis series.
March 2009
Developed and released the Wii Virtual Console Arcade series for SEGA’s titles.
November 2009
Developed and released the Wii Virtual Console Master System series.
December 2010
Developed and released NeoGeo Station.
March 2012
Developed and released the Nintendo3DS Virtual Console GameGear series for SEGA’s titles.
December 2012
Developed and released the Sega 3D Classics series.
January 2013
Moved office location to Tennodai, Abiko, Chiba.
March 2013
Began distributing licences for “E-mote,” which animates 2D images with a “Super 3D Look.”
March 2013
Released our first original game on iOS, “Ahoge Chanbara.”
June 2014
Released E-mote Free Movie Maker, the free version of E-mote, also known as “Emofuri.”
October 2015
We brought the American fighting game Skullgirls 2nd Encore to Japanese arcades via NESiCAxLive.
February 2015
Tokyo School Life was released worldwide via Steam.
May 2016
The next title we developed for Steam, Malus Code, was released.
December 2016
Battle Garegga Rev.2016 became our first self-published console title.
December 2016
The final title in the SEGA 3D Classics series, “SEGA 3D Classics Archives 3 FINAL STAGE” was released in Japan.