Press Releases

Press Releases

2013 / May / 23
M2 Co., Ltd.

M2 Presents Spellunker and Skullgirls in Arcades with NESiCAxLive

M2 Co.,Ltd. is bringing both the hot latest releases and the classic masterpieces you love to Japanese arcades. Using Taito’s NESiCaxLive system, we present Spelunker and Skullgirls.

Titles to be released:

  • “Spellunker for NESiCAxLive” Arcade Version
  • “Spelunker II: The 23 Keys” Arcade Version
  • “Skullgirls for NESiCAxLive” (Working Title)

“Spelunker” Arcade Versions

The legendary cave exploration action game, “Spelunker”, is adventuring back to the arcades. The arcade versions have some differences which set them apart from the home console versions: you don’t die after falling from high places, and you battle with giant boss characters, all while searching for hidden ropes and keys. As you explore deeper and deeper into the mysterious cave, you’ll notice the gameplay is more action packed than the home versions, with its puzzle solving elements rounding out the experience.

Skullgirls for NESiCAxLive (Working title)

A colorful cast of female fighters battle head to head in this eye-catching American made 2D fighter. The cartoon inspired graphics feature beautifully smooth animation. Skullgirls is highly influenced by Japanese fighting games, and we were moved by the staff’s dream of wanting to see their game in the Japanese arcades that inspired them so much. Their passion lead us to decide to distribute the game in Japanese arcades.

A nostalgic game reappearing in modern arcades… A full featured home console game forming its own unique community by being played face to face in the arcades… We strive to bring these unique experiences to gamers so they can enjoy these amazing titles to the fullest.