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Press Releases

2013 / Apr / 04
M2 Co., Ltd.

Full Version Release of E-mote Lite, the Easy – Lightweight – Highly Efficient Tool to Create 2D Animation With a “Super 3D Look”

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“Emotional Motion Technology”, abbreviated as “E-mote”, has been available in the form of “E-mote Lite”, which features easy to use templates, so the artists themselves can get the “Super 3D Look” without any need for coding or other complicated procedures.

This year, on 2/5, the free version of E-mote Lite was released to widespread acclaim.

Now, we at M2 Co., Ltd. are proud to offer the full version of E-mote Lite, which removes the various feature restraints in the trial version, allowing you full control over the creation of your own “Super 3D Look” animations.

Main features

1. Simple Interface
Just by dragging and dropping the parts that you make, you can create a character using only the mouse. We’ve fine-tuned our interface to be simple and intuitive, so any artist can handle working with E-mote and get the “Super 3D Look”.
2. Abundant Templates
After listening to our users needs, we’ve prepared 4 sets of templates with 2 variations each, including male and female characters from different angles. By using these templates, in a short time and for a low cost, your illustration can transform into the “Super 3D Look”.

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3. In Depth Online Video Manual
Along with the software itself, we’ve released online video manuals. Instead of just reading descriptions, you can see E-mote in action with your own two eyes, so you can avoid the potential frustration and misunderstanding that goes along with text manuals.
4. Physics Editing
You can edit the stiffness, weight, and bounce of each separate part of a character. Then, with a single command you can add wind or change the angle. You can also change the character’s expression, direction they are turned and where they look, as well as a wide range of other settings.
5. Diverse Customization Plans Available
We can customize templates to meet your needs with additional functions, items, and parts. These specialized templates can be prepared individually for exclusive use by a client.
6. Various Platforms
In the full version, you can choose from a variety of platforms (WIN/PSP/iOS/etc), and their appropriate motion drivers and test programs are already included in the basic set. 

We guarantee our “E-mote” technology will take your creations to the next level by adding extra value at a low cost. 

 *To order the full version of E-mote Lite, please use the mail form on the order page.

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