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Press Releases

2013 / Feb / 05
M2 Co., Ltd.

Easy – Light Weight – Efficient “Super 3D Look” Animation Software E-mote Lite Trial Version Released

M2 Co.,Ltd.’s “Emotional Motion Technology”, abbreviated as “E-mote”, can make 2D illustrations overflow with a sense of depth using its “Super 3D Look.” Now anyone can experience E-mote with the new “E-mote Lite” trial version.*

E-mote Lite is the simple version of E-mote, and it uses a new form of templates, so artists themselves can achieve the “Super 3D Look” easily and at low cost, without any need for coding or other complicated procedures.

Main Features:

1. Simple Interface
Just by dragging and dropping the parts that you make, you can create a character using only your mouse. We’ve fine-tuned our interface to be simple and intuitive, so any artist can handle working with E-mote and get the “Super 3D Look”.
2. Abundant Templates
After listening to our users needs, we’ve prepared various templates, including male and female characters from different angles. By using these templates, in a short time and for a low cost, your illustration can transform into the “Super 3D Look”.
3. Easy to Understand Online Video Manual
Our online video manuals show E-mote Lite in action. By looking at the actual process instead of just reading a description, you can avoid any misunderstandings about the workflow and get it right the first time.
4. Sample Movie Export / Viewer Feature
Create a character, export the animation to video, and it’s ready to show off in presentations and more. Also, even after the trial period has ended, E-mote Lite still functions as an animation viewer.
5. Full Version Compatibility
Of course, your characters created in the trial version will also be compatible with the full version. You can also add additional features to a character at any time, just contact us to get started.

* For the trial of E-mote Lite, please see the purchase page  and send an e-mail requesting a trial.

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