Press Releases

Press Releases

2010 / Dec / 07
M2 Co., Ltd.

M2 Co. Ltd Collaborates with SNK PLAYMORE CORPORATION on “NEOGEO Station”

M2 Co. Ltd., in technical cooperation with SNK PLAYMORE CORPORATION, has created integrated download games by porting the game environment of the NEOGEO game system. This digital distribution game content will be known as “NEOGEO Station” titles for Sony Computer Entertainment’s PlayStation3® and PSP® (Playstation®Portable) systems.

NEOGEO was a game platform developed by SNK Corporation that went on sale in the year 1990. It was based on a revolutionary concept for its time: a console that’s just the same as playing an arcade game in your own home, which was achieved by having the very same specs as an actual arcade cabinet. With high capacity ROM cartridges and advanced custom processors, it gave birth to a rich and immersive gaming experience. It also had a decidedly steep price tag for a home console, so it was widely coveted by hardcore gamers. The NEOGEO platform brought forth many masterpiece titles, especially in the fighting game genre where developers turned out many classic titles that are still being played to this day. Lasting exceedingly long for a single game platform, many still fondly remember the NEOGEO and its glorious history.

Following our company’s foremost motto, “Resurrect game properties that excelled in the past while staying authentic to their original release”, we’ve developed an integrated system for streamlined porting of various games from different platforms.

However, this time we’ve advanced another step. Keeping in mind that re-releasing classic titles with as much authenticity as possible is our main goal, we decided that even more brilliance is needed to resurrect them in the modern age. So we strived towards the idea that “Game properties that excelled in the past can now be reborn with even more brilliance than when they were first released.”

On December 22nd, 2010, “NEOGEO Station” titles will be available for download, and offer the following features:

  • New functions such as replays and save states.(*1)
  • Authentic old-school gameplay on the latest game systems(*2)
  • A “Sound Player” feature for immersing yourself in the fond memories of past games’ music and sound(*3)

To be worthy of the hardcore gamers raised in an arcade environment that were drawn to the NEOGEO, developers created games with an unprecedented and now-legendary level of extreme difficulty. Back in the day, many players trying to master these games were stopped in their tracks by the high degree of difficulty, and often shed bitter tears of defeat.

Instead of attempting to rearrange the game itself, we aimed to take the game unchanged from those days and put it in a new time and place, where it can be expanded upon to be played with a new level of freedom. In this day and age, you can play whenever you want, whatever you want… whether you’re at home or out on a trip. Now you can take advantage of this modern play-style to fully master the memorable titles you could never play so freely before.

This launch is just the beginning. Our company will keep striving to resurrect game properties that excelled in the past while staying authentic to their original release with as much meticulous accuracy as possible, and we will continue to diligently refine our skills even further.

(*1) New features allow you to save your in-game progress at any point you like and resume from there, as well as record an entire completed game and watch it over again later.
(*2) On the PlayStation3® version, you can interact in online matches with an abundance of matching modes including, “Quick Match” where you are matched automatically, “Match Search” where you can refine your online matches via setting various specific requirements, and “Invite Friend” where you can send out challenges (friend invites) to your online buddies. Voice Chat (VOIP) support is also available.
(*3) You can make a playlist using all purchased titles, not just the title you’re playing at the moment. Mix multiple titles to make a custom album just for you.

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