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Press Releases

2008 / Sep / 01
M2 Co., Ltd.

PlayStation2 Fantasy Zone Complete Collection System 16 Edition Fantasy Zone II Trial Version Now Available

M2 Co.,Ltd., in cooperation with SEGA Corporation, have announced the trial version of System 16 Edition Fantasy Zone II from SEGA AGES 2500 Series Vol.33 Fantasy Zone Complete Collection is slated to be released for PlayStation 2 on 9/11/2008.*

Fantasy Zone is a horizontal shooting arcade game first released by SEGA Corporation in 1986. It was constructed on the cutting-edge System 16 arcade system board with colorful eye catching characters, rhythmical sound, a power up system to customize your ship based on what you buy, and other advanced features. It captured the hearts of not only gamers, but also outsiders who would normally not venture into arcades.

The highly praised Fantasy Zone was ported to the major consoles of the time one after another, including SEGA Mark III, Famicom, MSX, and PC ENGINE. Following the original game’s success, in 1987 the sequel Fantasy Zone II was released on SEGA Corporation SEGA Mark III console. It was then ported to the arcade via SEGA Mark III’s arcade compatible System E.

The SEGA Mark III version of Fantasy Zone II was a daring game that connected multiple stages using a warp system, enforced fewer limits on your life meter, and had other adjustments that were nice additions for a family oriented console game. However, back then serious gamers preferred to play new games on the latest arcade systems.

Now, with the development of the Fantasy Zone Complete Collection, we made the version fans dreamed of in 1987 a reality. Using the actual System 16 arcade system board that was top of the line at the time of the original release, we developed a remake of Fantasy Zone II, and then ported it to the PlayStation 2. After over 20 years, we’ve brought the dreams from those days back to life once again. We’re also proud to present a free trial of the System 16 version on Windows, developed using the same equipment and testbed.

At M2, we strive to reignite the fire of the age when gaming was simply about fun games by continuing to develop games that connect the past and the future.

* The trial version is for Windows, which may have slight differences from the PS2 version.

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