Press Releases

Press Releases

2008 / May / 27
M2 Co., Ltd.

M2 to provide MSX Emulation on Wii Virtual Console

M2 Co.,Ltd., in cooperation with D4 Enterprise Co.,Ltd. have supplied an integrated emulation environment on Nintendo’s Wii Virtual Console game distribution service for emulating the MSX home computer system.

In 1983, the MSX positioned itself as the standard home computer, hoping to bring computers into homes during a time when they were mostly used by businesses. It was unique for being an entirely plug & play system with programs stored on cartridges, similar to a video game console. Many companies released a wide variety of game cartridges for it.

In 2008, we were asked by D4 Enterprise Co.,Ltd. to create an emulation environment for the MSX on the Wii Virtual Console. We developed an entirely new integrated environment for the Wii Virtual Console, and then added MSX’s particular construction and features into it. By building on this environment, we’ll now be able to quickly and efficiently develop ports of many other platforms as well.

M2 strives, now and in the future, to keep making more and more technological advances to resurrect game properties that excelled in the past while staying authentic to their original release.